“Our Work is to Make Downtown Work Better”

The Tallahassee Downtown Improvement Authority, its community partners, and stakeholders all believe that Tallahassee's Downtown must be a vibrant place to live, work and play while continuing to preserve the history, charm and progress that our city is known for. Our work, is to make Downtown work better.

The Tallahassee Downtown Improvement Authority strives to enhance the Downtown Tallahassee experience, promote progress and protect investments Our core values include Dedication, Advocacy, Service, Relevance, Collaboration, Vision and Execution. Our work is based in the values of our organization and conducted in the fashion of our core practices, which include:

    1) Delivering an exciting Downtown experience

    2) Recruiting great talent to Downtown Tallahassee

    3) Executing all initiatives with a dedication to Downtown

    4) Nurturing the organic growth of the Downtown Tallahassee identity

    5) Creating a common language of collaboration amongst stakeholders

    6) Placing a premium on client services

    7) Challenging the Downtown status quo