Downtown Tallahassee Shopping

There are a variety of shops located in downtown Tallahassee. If you are looking for vintage/hip clothing the All Saints and College Town districts are the place for you or if you are looking for higher end fashion or historical items the Capitol Hill district will cover your needs. What ever you are looking for downtown Tallahassee has you covered.  

For the traveler who enjoys shopping, Downtown Tallahassee has some great options. Nic’s Toggery is one of the top menswear stores in entire nation. Stopping in to try on a great suit or to just grab a shoeshine is an authentic Tallahassee experience. There are also some great options in the Gaines Street district including Old Fields Clothing Company, Avant Garb, Sandal Beat and Urban Outfitters.


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Capitol Hill, Shopping

There are few things that more effectively accentuate the decor of an event, home or establishment than the right flower arrangement. With 83 years of service under its belt, it is unlikely that you will find a florist who can fill the room with vibrance better than Elinor Doyle Florist and Gifts. With categories like "Make Someone Smile" and "Thank You" flowers, deciding on Elinor Doyle Florist and Gifts for your flower arrangement and decor needs will never lead you astray.

Nic's Toggery is a family-owned men's clothing boutique that has proudly served the Tallahassee and North Florida region for over 60 years. With three locations throughout the Capitol, Nic's looks to be influential in ushering in the new era of the Southern Gentleman- the man who combines the appealing, cool-tempered nature of the south with a style and fashion-savvy elegance that is undeniably eye-popping anywhere. Nic's Toggery embodies Southern Elegance.

Governor's Walk, Shopping

Florida's history, from the time of its founding until now, is vast and encapsulates a wealth of significance with respect to its influence on the rest of our nation. In an effort to capture the meaning of that rich history, Florida's History Shop specializes in Florida-theme gifts that encompass a wide range of product categories.

A staple in Tallahassee, the St. John's Episcopal Church houses a bookstore that serves as part of the church's outreach ministries. Donations to the bookstore are always accepted, and the proceeds from the bookstore go to benefit Grace Mission in Tallahassee.

Located in the main library of the Leon County Public library, the Friendshop is a giftshop that serves as a hub for books and other educational resources and donations. If you're looking for a place to donate your time and/or be charitable with your literary posessions, think no further. The Friendshop is a good place to go.

All Saints, Shopping

When it comes to the clothes we wear, few things give us more satisfaction than feeling as though you're in possession of something that is unique and one-of-a-kind. That is the possibility that Olde Fields Clothing Company brings to the Tallahassee market. Unlike many clothing boutiques, Olde Fields has the distinction of being one of the rare places that specializes in handcrafted and redesigned clothes and accessories.

The Prohibition Era may have ended 80 years ago, but you wouldn't know it once you took one step inside this genre-themed clothing and apparel boutique. If you're throwing or attending a party or event with a theme, going somewhere other than Avant Garb for your 80s-style jumpsuit or speakeasy three-piece get-up just doesn't make sense. With a social scene as lively as the one in Tallahassee, Avant Garb is your first and only choice for flashy period attire.

With the skateboard scene witnessing a resurgence in popularity, it's no wonder why demand for products at the Phaze One Skate Shop has reached such a tipping point. With many of Tallahassee's unique architectural locations serving as a hotbed for skater activity, beginning and advanced skaters alike flock to Phaze One for skateboard supplies and apparel that is tailored to their individual needs.

Old-school cool meets new-school groove when you walk through the door at Retrofit Records. If you're a music lover who is having a tough time finding a store that maintains a good balance between traditional mediums, such as vinyl, and more progressive forms of audio heaven, such as MP3s, then Retrofit Records is the place for you. Up-and-coming musicians looking for a healthy crate selection that spans all genres will certainly want to stop by.

Pablo Picasso had his paintbrush, and Tallahassee has Utrecht. Since 1949, Utrect has been one of the foremost authorities on art supplies for the aspiring painter, artist or sculptor; and today, the art supplies retailer continues to supply the artistic community in Tallahassee with the tools it needs to continue to push the limits of creativity.