Everybody knows Tallahassee is Florida’s Capital City and Downtown Tallahassee is the political epicenter drawing in visitors from around the state and nation each year to visit the Capitol. The influx peaks each spring, when the legislative session opens and people pour into mind the state’s business. But what isn’t as well known is that the heart of the Capital City is Downtown Tallahassee, whether the Legislature is in town or not. Downtown Tallahassee is known for it’s beautiful parks, boutique hotels, unique and exciting dining, museums, arts, music and natural resources. So regardless of what brought you here, being here will guarantee you an experience vibrant with entertainment, culture and delight.


The best places in downtown Tallahassee to enjoy the finest cuisine and libations .


The best places to rest your head when experiencing a night in Downtown Tallahassee.


Downtown Tallahassee has much to offer the shopaholic in all of us.


There are always many options for Parking Downtown. You can download the attached Parking brochure to find the best available options for any of your favorite Downtown destinations!

Remember that on nights and weekends on-street parking Downtown is always FREE!


Information on downtown Tallahassee wedding locations can be found online at SayIDoDowntown.com. This resource offers ideas and contact information for accommodations, restaurants, wedding vendor and ceremony site options. SayIDoDowntown.com also features an online photo gallery of weddings that have taken place downtown for brides in need of inspiration for their own pending nuptials.

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