College Town

On the far side of Gaines Street lies the College Town District. This new and developing area has seen an incredible amount of growth in the last few years. Formerly a heavy industrial zone, [...]

All Saints

The All Saints District lies just off of Gaines Street and is the hippest section of town. With a large number of Downtown residents living there, All Saints has great eateries, beer pubs and [...]

Cascades Park

The Cascades Park District is the centerpiece of a world-class, dual-purpose downtown 24 acre park extending from Pensacola Street on the north to Monroe Street on the southwest. It has been a [...]

College Park

Florida State University sits on the edge of Tallahassee Downtown’s College Park District. The area between the legendary Wescott fountain and Capitol Hill is known as College Park. College [...]

Capitol Hill

Home to the Historic Capitol and the entire Capital Complex, City and County Courthouses, and surrounding businesses, restaurants, bars and hotels, Tallahassee Downtown’s Capitol Hill [...]

Governor’s Walk

The beautiful Governor’s Walk District is the place where the city’s chicest condos and boutique hotels mingle alongside some of the greatest Florida legends and memories. Stretching [...]